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Home Moving Guide: How To Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

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It’s no secret – moving can be an exceptionally stressful process. Whether you are moving around the block or heading across county lines, you need to have a solid plan in place to make the process as smooth as stress-free as possible. That’s why Campbell Moving put together this helpful home moving guide. Read on to learn four moving tips that can keep you from getting overwhelmed, and contact our local movers to request a quote for your next move!

Father and son getting a moving plan in order

Make Sure You Have A Plan

Like any large life event, it’s best to have a plan for moving day. In best case scenarios, you should start this planning weeks, if not months, before your move. You don’t need to be that ahead of the ball to plan a successful move, however. The planning can be as simple as clearing a few days in your schedule to focus exclusively on your move and determining what you want to get done on each day. No one wants to use their precious time off from work to spend the day moving, but if you don’t have a trusted moving team to assist you, that might be the best course of action.

Pack Like a Pro

Packing like a pro starts in the planning phase of your move. When you’re putting together your moving plan, you should also take inventory of all of the items in your home, identify and discard anything that doesn’t need to come with you, and then purchase enough moving boxes to pack all of your belongings. It’s probably best to grab a couple extra boxes, just in case. When it comes time to start packing, organize your items in whichever way makes the most sense to you. For most people, it’s easiest to organize your moving boxes by room to make it easy to unload and set up in your new home.
woman packing many boxes
Woman entering her home with a large box of essential items

Prepare a Moving Day Kit

No matter how prepared you are, moving is still a physically demanding activity that can wear you out throughout the course of the day. You wouldn’t head out on a full day of hiking without some water, food, and supplies, and you shouldn’t take on a full day of moving without a moving kit to keep you hydrated, well-fed, organized, and supplied with everything you need to get the job done. In addition to food and water, it’s good to have useful items such as an extra roll of packing tape, a box cutter, measuring tape — and for those doing a lot of heavy lifting — some Advil and a lifting brace for your back. Of course, you can skip the physical strain by calling the local experts at Campbell Moving.

Get Help!

Don’t forget rule number one of moving: never go at it alone. Friends and family members might be a good first stop if you are looking for some assistance — but let’s be honest — no one wants to clear their schedule and help someone else move. If you’ve never hired professional movers before, you will be amazed at how big of a difference they can have on your move. From packing and transporting your belongings to getting them set up at your new home, professional moverscan get your entire move done in a day and keep you from getting overwhelmed in the process.
two young professional moving men loading boxes into a truck

Cambell Moving is the trusted local provider of residential and commercial moving services in Northern Virginia. As a veteran and family owned company, you can depend on us to provide you with professional moving services backed by exceptional customer service. Moving is our duty — contact us today!

Professional Moving Done Right
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