Q: What will Campbell Moving not pack and move for me?
A: We cannot transport the following items: gas or oil propane tanks or cans, firearms and/or ammunition, fire extinguishers, open containers of liquid, combustible items, and house paints, aerosols, alcohol, perishables.

Q: Can I get a free estimate on my household or business move?
A: Yes you can. Whether by phone or in person, Campbell Moving has always been dedicated to providing our customers with the most accurate and honest estimate that we can provide.

Q: Are there any discounts that I can receive for my move?
A: Yes there are. We offer many varieties of discounts, including discounts for our veterans and active duty personnel and Angie’s List customers. Be sure to ask when you call us.

Q: I have a very large house or require a large office move. Can Campbell Moving handle such a big job?
A: Yes we can. Campbell Moving has a fleet of trucks able to handle any size job – from 1 bedroom apartments to large home and office moves.

Q: Does Campbell Moving consider itself a low, mid, or high priced moving company?
A: Campbell Moving has always been committed to providing the most professional, worry-free and courteous experience possible. Our packing supplies, packing and moving labor, and storage costs have always been competitive with other movers in our area. Because of the level of service and care we give each customer, we consider ourselves to be the best of the best in the mid-priced moving industry.

Q: Are your movers comprised of day laborers or seasonal employees?
A: NO. From our office staff, to the crew chiefs, drivers, and movers, Campbell Moving employs full-time moving crews. Our staff also includes many employees with 20+ years of moving experience.

Q: How do I pay for my move when complete?
A: Campbell Moving has a variety of payment options available to our customers. Please contact us directly to discuss which payment option works best for you.


Have more questions about our moving and relocation company? Give us a call to find out how our affordable movers can help you move with ease!