Eight (8) Weeks Prior to Move Date

  1. Review dates
    • a. Is your new home on schedule?
    • b. Have you given proper notice to landlord?
    • c. Confirm dates with moving company or ensure truck reservation is in place.
    • d. For house hunting trips, research transportation and lodging options.
    • e. Give notice to health or fitness club, if applicable.
    • f. Prepare the family:
      • Make farewell visits to favorite places.
      • Host a going-away-party for the kids and for yourself.

Four (4) Weeks Prior to Move Date

  1. Contact schools and/or childcare in your new area.
  2. If needed, arrange for childcare in the new residence on moving day.
  3. Identify medical services, pharmacy and doctors in your new area.
  4. Sort out current possessions to determine what to take or discard or sell.
  5. Conduct a garage or yard sale or donate unwanted items.
  6. Arrange for any repairs to current home per sales contract or Realtor advice.
  7. Begin the packing process (packing yourself greatly reduces the cost of moving).
  8. Consume frozen or canned goods to avoid moving perishables.
  9. Return borrowed items and collect items you have loaned.

Three (3) Weeks Prior to Move Date

  1. Contact phone, cable, electric, trash, gas and water to disconnect services on the move date.
  2. If your situation allows, do the same for the new home to arrange for services to be turned on.
  3. Cancel lawn and cleaning services.
  4. If you have a pet, get copies of records and arrange for transportation, if not transporting with you and family.
  5. Start looking into religious worship choices, as well as organizations that you and your family might enjoy in the new area.

Two (2) Weeks Prior to Move Date

  1. Notify by mail, or e-mail, change of address to credit cards, magazines, organizations, friends and family.
  2. Contact bank to arrange transfers of accounts, if needed.
  3. Organize important documents, including insurance records and car registrations.
  4. Arrange childcare or pet care for moving day at the current residence.
  5. Have cars serviced.

One (1) Week Prior to Move Date

  1. Cancel mail, newspaper and other regular delivery services.
  2. Contact and start up newspaper, water, utilities and other services at the new residence.
  3. Transfer medical prescriptions.
  4. Pack or remove all items not making the move. Label them “Do Not Move.”
  5. Pack “essentials” needed for move-in. Label them, “Last On, First Off.”
  6. Arrange for cleaning services after movers have departed.
  7. Turn off computers and televisions 24 hours before move to allow time for cooling before shipment.
  8. Make floor plan diagram of new home for movers to use in unloading. Post copies in new house when you arrive.

Last Minute

  1. Make final tour of home after moving truck is packed. Check closets, built-ins and cabinets for anything left behind.
  2. Have some cash on hand.
  3. Give moving van driver a phone number where you can be reached.
  4. Verify delivery address with moving van driver.
  5. Turn off heat, a/c, lights and water in house.
  6. Shut and lock all windows and doors.
  7. Arrange for door keys to be left with appropriate person.

Upon Arrival at New Home

  1. Be at new house when household goods arrive.
  2. Inspect unloading and direct the placement of furniture. Be sure to post floor plan diagrams for reference.
  3. Allow computers and TV’s 24 hours to adjust to new temperatures before turning on. Refer to owner’s manual.