The most important element in a move is organization. It is important to allow enough time to pack carefully. Begin by packing things that you are not likely to need from the attic, garage, and other storage areas. Daily necessity items should be packed last.

Organize your packing room by room, and establish a work area in each room. Always be mindful of furniture within each room that will need to be moved by the movers. Keep doorways and hallways clear to allow enough room for the movers to carry your items in and out. Be aware, however, of the room arrangement at your new residence and try to organize your packing according to those arrangements. Label the sides of all boxes with the room they will go into at your new residence.

Make sure that you have the right packing materials and that you planned for packing all the things – computers, glass items, oversize items, antiques, mattresses – that require extra care. Campbell Moving will be glad to assist you with all your packing needs from providing you with the right materials to undertaking your complete packing chores or partial packing of areas you are not comfortable with.