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Residential Moving Tips

With all the moving parts during a residential move, sometimes it can help to have a checklist or list of tips to follow. Here are some easy to understand moving tips for residential moves.

Purge Unwanted Items – We would never recommend getting rid of anything of value, but a new move is a great way to get rid of or sell all those items that you really don’t need anymore.

Schedule Movers Early – Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your professional movers. They may not have the availability, and you could be stuck with your second choice.

Keep Essentials – Make sure that you have all of your daily essentials with you in your car when you move. Our moving service is tailored around punctuality, but accidents are always a possibility. In the worst case, you want to make sure you’re set for a night or two if your belongings are delayed.

Follow Packing Rules – If you’re packing your belongings yourself, make sure that you get the right sized boxes for each item. Additionally, heavy items should go towards the bottom of smaller boxes, while lighter items should be stored at the top of bigger boxes.