Move Scheduling – All moves are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Minimum Valuation – The agreed or declared value of the property is hereby specifically stated by the shipper and confirmed by their signature herein to be 60 cents per pound per article ($50.00 Max) unless specifically excepted. This level of valuation is offered at no additional cost.

Service – Campbell Moving (company) agrees to provide all moving services as provided herein and customer (shipper) agrees to make specified payment and adhere to terms and conditions of this contract.

Pick up & Delivery – We will make every reasonable effort to pick up and deliver as scheduled. We are not responsible for any damages to shipper if physical conditions or other special circumstances prevent pick up or completion of delivery as scheduled.

Valuation Coverage Notice – The shipper should obtain adequate insurance to protect from loss of goods. Any valuation or loss protection offered by Campbell Moving (or the company’s agent) and accepted by the shipper is subject to conditions contained herein.

Flat Rate Move – A guaranteed price (or not to exceed quote) for indicated moving services. The flat rate move price is based on the shipper completing all pre-move requirements prior to arrival of the moving crew, i.e. packing, servicing appliances and electronics, etc. In the event that shipper is not fully prepared to move upon arrival of the moving crew, all charges will be based on the applicable hourly rate and no flat rate will apply.

Claims – All claims must be made in writing to the company at 22825 Davis Drive, Suite 120, Sterling, VA 20164 within 7 days after delivery and accompanied by paid receipt of all charges due to the company. We have the right to inspect and repair alleged damaged items. A $100.00 deductible applies on all damage claims made by the shipper, and it is hereby agreed that Campbell Moving shall be liable only for damages to goods and furniture in excess of $100.00.

Hourly Rate Move – The shipper agrees to pay the applicable hourly rate plus travel time for all work performed. No charge or time will be assessed for moving crew meal breaks.

Loss/Claims Adjustments – When a loss occurs, the company will consider the following factors in resolving the claim. We will pay the smallest of the following when figuring your loss: the amount it would cost to repair or replace the property with similar kind or quality or the actual cash value of the lost or damaged property at the time of the loss.

Travel Time – Travel time is the approximate time it will normally take to leave our warehouse facility and arrive at the origin move location and/or the approximate time it will take from the destination move location, upon completion of the move, to return to our warehouse facility.

Articles of Extraordinary Value – The company will not carry or be liable for any documents, jewelry, cash, currency, or for any articles of extraordinary value unless a special agreement to do so and a stipulated value of the article(s) are endorsed herein. Should shipper fail to notify the company in writing of any such items of extraordinary value, such items shall be moved at the risk of the shipper.

Waiting Time – The applicable current hourly rate will be charged on hourly and flat rate moves whenever the crew is unable to work due to any reason beyond our control, including but not limited to the following: waiting for availability or access to elevators or loading docks, waiting for previous occupant to vacate move-in premises, scheduling conflicts with other moving companies, waiting for customer to arrive at move address, real estate settlement delays, etc.

Moved at Shipper Risk – The following items are moved at the sole risk of the shipper: plants and other vegetation, any glass or fragile item that is not packed, pressed wood furniture, glued joint furniture, veneered surfaces, plastic furniture, and items with prior structural damage. Lamps, lampshades, marble, glass tabletops, mirrors, pictures, paintings, slate, china, porcelain, ornaments and statues or any such fragile items that are handled by the company without being packed and/or unpacked in a crate or carton by an employee of the company will be moved at the shipper’s risk and the company will assume no liability of any kind for any loss or damage to said articles.

Unusual Delivery Conditions – All flat rate moves are based on normal moving/delivery conditions. If your home or new home has unusual access, i.e. elevator, courtyard entrance, long carry, steep driveway, excessive stairs leading to entrance, etc., an additional charge or the applicable hourly rate will be charged at the discretion of the company.

Access to Residence – Access to the residence is the responsibility of the shipper. Any snow, ice, mud or other potential hazard or inconvenience should be cleared from the entrance, sidewalk or driveway to the residence. We can assist in clearing these areas for an additional charge. Any damage sustained as a result of shipper’s failure to provide access as provided in this paragraph shall be borne solely by the shipper.

Dangerous Articles – Explosives or dangerous articles or goods will not be accepted for shipment. Shipper shall indemnify the company against loss or damage caused by inclusion in the shipment of explosives or dangerous articles or goods.

Parking, Elevators & Loading Docks – It is the responsibility of the shipper to reserve elevators and loading docks and to prearrange convenient and suitable parking areas for trucks and equipment at both the origin and destination.

Damage Due to Shipper Negligence – In the event that items are improperly prepared for moving resulting in damage to other goods or articles due to the negligence or inexperience on the part of the shipper, the company will not be liable for any claims for loss or damage. This includes but is not limited to improperly sealed fluids, paints, chemicals, foodstuffs and liquids.

Disassembling & Reassembling – Unless specifically noted herein, disassembling for moving and reassembling of the following and similar items are the responsibility of shipper: swing sets, jungle gyms, universal weight gyms, shop equipment, complicated or time consuming bookcases and wall units, items which are normally assembled by trained personnel, service technicians or with extensive instruction sheets, items too large to fit through doorways or unable to negotiate stairways or hallways. Any items moved by the company which are not disassembled as required herein, are moved solely at the risk of the shipper and the company shall be held harmless for any damage sustained to those items.

Contents of Cartons – We are responsible for the contents of cartons only when our employees pack, move and unpack them.

Ordinary Wear & Tear – Ordinary wear and tear in handling is not our responsibility. At the shipper’s (local moves only) option and expense, a detailed pre-move inventory, noting all preexisting damage may be performed. The shipper’s exercise of this option excludes the Ordinary Wear & Tear terms of the contract.

Damage to Pavement – Shipper warrants that all streets, access roads, curbing, driveways and parking lots are constructed to sufficiently support the company’s trucks and equipment. The company will exercise reasonable care in operating its equipment and will not be liable for any damage to streets, access roads, curbing, driveways or parking lots in the absence of negligent operation.

Large Items & Furniture – Large items with limited moving clearance are moved at the risk of the shipper. Reassemble of furniture, appliances and other items, which have been disassembled solely for the purpose of fitting through doorways, stairways, etc. is the sole responsibility of the shipper. Further, we will not accept responsibility for cases where an item cannot be physically placed or located in the preferred or requested room, floor or location. The company will not accept responsibility in the event that permanent damage occurs to king or queen size mattresses due to bending to negotiate hallways, doorways or stairways.

Terms of Payment – C.O.D. Charges are payable in cash, money order, or certified check on delivery. The driver will collect payment in full before final delivery of goods at destination.

Returned Checks – Shipper agrees to pay a $35.00 service fee for all checks returned for insufficient funds.

Collections – If for any reason your account is referred for collection, the shipper is responsible for all costs, including but not limited to agency fees, reasonable attorney fees and court costs.

Appliances & Electronics – We are not responsible for the electrical and/or mechanical functions of a washer, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, computers, television sets, stereos, radios, clocks, pianos, organs, or other similar items. We recommend that all appliances be serviced for moving by a qualified service technician. Any appliance or electronic item serviced by the company is serviced and moved at the sole risk of the shipper.

Interest on Unpaid Balances – Shipper agrees to pay 1.5% interest per month on all unpaid balances.

Arbitration – All claims, disputes, or controversies are subject to arbitration. Any claim or controversy arising out of or relating to this contract, the breach thereof, or the goods affected thereby, whether such claims be founded in tort or contract, shall be settled by arbitration under the Arbitration Law of the Company’s State and under the rules of the American Arbitration Association, provided however, that upon any such arbitration the arbitrator or arbitrators may not vary or modify any of the foregoing provisions.

Storage Agreement – All the items and conditions contained herein shall become part of any and all storage agreements. All accounts for storage are payable in advance. Charges on the reverse side of this contract do not include delivery out of storage charges unless specifically noted. Storage accounts 45 days delinquent are subject to being sold at public auction. Campbell Moving is entitled to all rights under warehouseman’s lien.

Agreement – If you agree (commencement of work is considered agreement) with the terms and conditions herein, this shall become a contract for indicated services at the rates stated and will represent the entire agreement of the parties hereto. It shall apply to all additional services rendered by the company for the shipper. Only an officer of the company, owner or partner has the power to modify the terms and conditions of this contract, and then only in writing. We shall not be bound by any other promise or representation.

Shipper Unable to Accept Delivery – If for any reason other than the fault of the company, delivery cannot be made at the address shown on the face hereof or at any changed address of which the company has been notified, company at its option, may cause articles contained in the shipment to be stored in a warehouse or mini-storage facility selected by the company, and there held without liability on the part of the company, at the cost of the shipper, and subject to a lien for all accrued and other lawful charges.

Liability of Company – Moving Company is only responsible for our own negligence. The company assumes no liability of any kind for loss or damage to goods caused by moth or other infestation, rust, deterioration, an Act of God, an act of government agency or public enemy or other causes beyond our control.




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