Good job guys….

Campbell Moving Inc. called the day before to ask if they could add a man to the job. We both agreed that this would be a great help to their team because the temperature had been over 100 for several days and the same forecast was given for the day of the move.The truck arrived 15 minutes early followed very shortly by a company minivan transporting the team. The supervisor introduced the team one by one, explained the process and asked if they could start. They worked very efficiently and expediently. They laid down all the floor and banister protection quickly and got to work. Words to describe the team: strong with endurance, conscientious, polite. Words to describe the job they did: Awesome, almost perfectly clean (some scraps of tape were left behind. No biggie), thorough. Because of the hellish heat, we supplied all the bottled water they could drink and several large pizzas all from Costco. The team was very appreciative of the water and carbs. Good job guys. I’m not looking forward to the next move but if it does happen then I’ll call Campbell.

Tom of Fairfax