Overall, a great experience….

The three-man crew that showed up were incredibly professional. They quickly set up and started moving boxes, rarely taking a break. They managed to dismantle my Ikea bed (a miracle!) and even packed the clothes I still had in the closet in wardrobe boxes before I could do it myself. I had already packed up everything into boxes so the move went pretty quickly. The only hiccup was when they couldn’t fit my loveseat out the door because of the weird angles of the condo but they still managed it once they took the door off.

The guys followed me to the new house and unloaded everything where we wanted it. They only took a short break for lunch and we finished up in less than six hours. Everything was well wrapped and I haven’t found anything scratched or broken. The total cost of the move was actually a few hundred dollars less than I was quoted.

A few days later I used a different local moving company to help me move some stuff from a storage unit out in Sterling and those guys weren’t nearly as good as the Campbell crew. I was sorry I hadn’t hired Campbell to do that move, too. Overall, a great experience. It made my move a lot less stressful than it might have been.

Amy in Alexandria