Four Rooms That Are Harder to Pack Than You'd Expect

When it comes to packing for a move, some rooms are more challenging than others. While you might expect the kitchen to be difficult, a few other rooms can be surprisingly tricky to pack. At Campbell Moving, we're here to help you easily navigate these challenges.

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Home Office

Home offices can be deceptively difficult to pack due to the variety of items they contain, such as electronics, documents, and office supplies. Start by organizing and backing up essential files on your computer, and consider using cloud storage or external hard drives for added security. Keep important documents in a separate, clearly labeled box to ensure they're easily accessible during and after the move.

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Children's Rooms

Packing children's rooms can be an emotional and logistical challenge. Involve your kids to help them feel more comfortable with the change. Sort toys, clothes, and other belongings together, deciding what to keep, donate, or discard. Consider using clear plastic bins for toys and items they'll want to access quickly in the new home. Label boxes clearly and keep a separate box for essentials like favorite toys and blankets to help ease the transition.

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Garage Or Workshop

Garages and workshops often contain a mix of heavy, oddly-shaped items and hazardous materials, making them challenging to pack. Carefully sort through and dispose of any hazardous materials according to local regulations. Use sturdy boxes or plastic containers for heavy tools and equipment, and pad sharp or pointed items to prevent damage. Secure larger items like ladders and bikes to prevent shifting during transport.

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Bathrooms may be small, but they can still be tricky to pack due to the variety of items and the potential for spills. Dispose of expired or unused medications and toiletries, and pack the remaining items in sealable plastic bags or containers to prevent leaks. Use smaller boxes to keep items organized and to prevent heavy boxes that are difficult to carry.

Packing your home for a move can seem overwhelming, but knowing each room's challenges can simplify the process. At Campbell Moving, we're dedicated to offering expert advice and support for a successful move. Contact us today to discover our professional packing services and how we can help with even the most difficult rooms.

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